Graying Hair Linked To Immune Response, Study Finds


What is the science behind our hair turning gray? Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have a possible answer and it may also explain why vitiligo patients develop unpigmented patches of skin. The study titled "A direct link between MITF, innate immunity, and hair graying" was … [Read more...]

Enhancing Seller Financing


By: Jeffery S. Watson   Many of you know that I have been working as a founding member of the Seller Finance Coalition for the passage of HR1360 which would enhance seller financing (doing transactions without the underwriting of a licensed mortgage originator). HR1360 has been introduced … [Read more...]


Are you and your family facing foreclosure? It can be a devastating and trying time for everyone in the household. Foreclosure occurs when you miss the regular payments on your original mortgage agreement. Once you are past due for over 60 to 90 days, the loan can become accelerated and your entire … [Read more...]

Orlando’s affordable housing crisis is about to implode


Back in December, Florida Gov. Rick Scott touted that Orlando leads the state in job growth, which is certainly something to be proud of. But Orlando doesn't have a job shortage – it has a shortage of well-paying jobs and places for these people to live. According to the National Low Income Housing … [Read more...]

Delinquencies on the Decline

According to the latest installment of CoreLogic’s monthly Loan Performance Insights Report, nationally 5.3 percent of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency during December 2017. That figure includes mortgages in foreclosure. The total is exactly the same percentage as a year prior in December … [Read more...]

HUD Addresses Concerns About Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures

Reverse mortgages have become a popular—and sometimes controversial—way for Americans to make use of the accrued equity in their homes, especially for older homeowners. The latest controversy surrounds HUD foreclosures on homes participating in the home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) program, and … [Read more...]