Here’s what Wells Fargo did to trigger a $1 billion fine

  Compliance programs, auto insurance and mortgage problems cited by federal regulators Unlike many of the scandals that have triggered billion-dollar penalties for banks, the problems that led to a 10-figure federal government settlement for Wells Fargo & Co. don’t appear to have … [Read more...]

Wells Fargo Caught In Yet Another Scandal


Given the seemingly unceasing stream of scandal that has flowed out of Warren Buffett's favorite bank, Wells Fargo, it's hardly surprising that after doing everything from illegally repossessing the cars of American soldiers to fraudulently "cross-selling" credit cards and other products to millions … [Read more...]

VA Loans Create Opportunity and Responsibility


A recent crackdown on loan churning promotes transparency, but more education is needed. By Kraig Spence, manager, Churchill Mortgage's Columbia, Maryland, branch | Housing may be one of the strongest sectors of the economy right now, but some 10 years ago the mortgage meltdown and resulting … [Read more...]



WARNING: IT’S EASY TO BE DUPED BY A MORTGAGE FRAUD A foreclosure occurs when a bank seizes a property because the homeowner can’t keep up with mortgage payments. As a result, he or she abandons the home or voluntarily deeds it to the bank. A family may not be able to pay their mortgage for many … [Read more...]

Why Big Banks LOVE Paying Fines to the U.S. Government


“Deutsche Bank said they were happy to settle with the Federal Reserve. Why is Deutsche Bank happy to settle? Because their assets are pushing $2 trillion according to Forbes. The bank brings in tens of billions of dollars each year. Under the circumstances, $156 million is a small price to pay to … [Read more...]